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Curated personalised upskilling pathway

Flipped identifies candidate strength and weaknesses and provides highly targeted and personalised upskilling to candidates and hires to move them up the hiring ladder

Smart Assessments

Flipped understands a hiring bar for an employer and instantly deploys customisable assessments based on the employer requirements that filter top talent to be noticeable to employers

Access to top vetted and skilled candidates for hire

Flipped's AI-based unbiased recommendation engine collects fine grain data points and identifies the most critical skills and recommends top qualified candidates with detailed evaluation metrics

Are you struggling to find your dream job? Come here to get the job you love

We carefully evaluate your cv and skillset and suggest to you the best-fit jobs. And our assessments will keep you on the employer's hot list.

  • Get personalised assessment recommendation

  • Access to behavioral skills

  • Get curated upskilling recommendation

  • Get mapped to matching job opportunities

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New jobs will emerge by 2025


Hiring partners

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Are you spending your precious time and effort trying to find your next best hire? Pick the right piece of your talent puzzle

  • We identify the best talents

  • Instantly get matched to the best candidates

  • Interact seamlessly with your potential hire

  • Curated personalised upskilling pathway

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Market size by 2026


Valuable time & effort reduced

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Rewire yourself

Flipped provides upskilling pathways through our short highly personalised curated courses. Take the industry-standard courses, get certified and get ready to be the next star hire!

  • Access to industry relevent courses

  • Access to assessments, projects & real time interactive learning

  • Get mapped to job opportunities

  • Enhance your empure employability & reputation

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Roles disrupted by tech


upskilling courses

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Tap into our fastest growing candidate community. Share your knowledge and create your course on flipped.

  • Teach your own way

    Make your own personalised course on any topic and teach the way you want.

  • Best in class Infrastructure

    Curate courses in a couple of steps with a world class content curation platform

  • Educate the learners

    Teach your learners to grow in their career, enhance their skills and achieve goals.

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β€œWe have saved more than 15 person hours per candidate by using Flipped as part of our hiring process”

- Vel.ai
"8 out of the 10 candidates we interviewed through Flipped.ai were excellent"

- Cognetry Labs
"Through Flipped.ai we have found the best candidates compared to any other recruitment site"

- ARRA Networks