Flipped WICS Initiative

Flipped.ai is making strides towards the goal of helping organizations achieve a gender-balanced workforce through its WICS ( Women In Computer Science ) Initiative. Through the WICS Initiative, Flipped.ai aims to empower 100,000 women from India over the next two years through Industry relevant Computer Science courses and help them land their dream jobs.

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We Offer

Access to vetted and skilled candidates

Candidates go through over 4+ hours of tailored technical, live coding and psychometric assessments.

AI based unbiased candidate recommendation

Flipped identifies the most critical skills and recommends top qualified candidates with detailed evaluation metrics.

Curated personalised upskilling pathway

Flipped identifies candidate strength and weaknesses and provides personalised upskilling pathways for every new hire.

Access to customisable AI-based candidate sourcing platform

Hire top qualified candidates sourced by Flipped's intelligent platform with access to candidate in-depth evaluation metrics. Filter candidates based on your own requirements and carry out further personalized assessments before interview.

Curated personalised upskilling pathway

Flipped provides upskilling pathways for every new hire through our short highly personalised curated courses. Take the industry standard courses, get certified and get ready to be your next star hire!

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“We have saved more than 15 person hours per candidate by using Flipped as part of our hiring process”

- Vel.ai
"8 out of the 10 candidates we interviewed through Flipped.ai were excellent"

- Cognetry Labs
"Through Flipped.ai we have found the best candidates compared to any other recruitment site"

- ARRA Networks